Thinking of a new pool? This might help.

March 10th, 2017
As a designer, I've had the pleasure of working on many exciting backyard projects with a swimming pool as a central feature. A lot of families lead busy lives and don't have the time, energy, or financial resources to even consider a cottage as a weekend getaway. Many people are converting their back yards into an oasis and spend their weekends on family 'staycations'. Professionals often co ...

Plan now for spring!

March 1st, 2017
Book for spring projects now and save!

Spring is just around the corner!

There may still be a lot of snow on the ground, and we're likely in for a few more snowfalls before winter officially comes to an end, but if you have landscaping plans for the upcoming season now is the perfect time to book an appointment.

As a designer in this business for over fifteen years I can't count how many custom ...