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Heated Driveways

Blog by WCI Ottawa | July 21st, 2016

With the scorching heat we've been having lately I know this might be hard to even fathom, but just imagine it's the middle of winter and a massive storm has been dumping inches upon inches of snow all night long. You wake up extra early and in a rush, you skip your morning coffee, slip on your boots and brave the blistering wind and biting cold so you can shovel your way out of your driveway just to make it in time for work.

After rushing through your morning shower and pouring yourself a coffee to go, you finally make it into work—late--and start your day that much more stressed and behind schedule. You’re sore from having done all that shoveling and dreading having to get through your busy day only to be greeted with more snow shoveling just so you can get into your driveway to finally unwind.

For one of our customers in the west end that nightmare will be a thing of the past. We’re half way into completing an amazing project with gorgeous armour stone walls, gardens and yes, a heated concrete driveway. Up lighting inlaid into the concrete will brighten the entrance and shine enough light on the gardens for evening visitors or when the homeowners get home late.

This will end up being an amazing landscape transformation and one the homeowner is sure to enjoy—hopefully as much as we enjoyed putting the project together.