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Natural Stone

Blog by WCI Ottawa | June 22nd, 2016

Using natural stones in garden designs.


Choosing the right plants is one of the most important parts of a successful garden design. But natural stone, readily available in nature or for sale in some garden centers and quarry yards, are an inexpensive way to add a lot of impact and character to your garden.

River washed stone can be used in your design to create accents, highlight transitional areas, or even section off your garden. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, natural stone can also be functional. You can use it along the edges of driveway and entranceway flower beds to contain mulch and soil. A downspout poring into your garden can cause havoc with your garden soil and plants. A simple and aesthetically pleasing solution is to use larger river washed stone (3 to 5 inches) as a natural break underneath the downspout. Landscape fabric placed under the stone will help minimize weed growth.

Accent boulders can also add character to your garden, but avoid a common mistake: whether your boulder is 20 pounds or a ton, always burry the bottom quarter to third of the boulder. A boulder should look like it is a part of the landscape, like it’s been in the spot where you put it for a billion years, not like it was just placed onto the surface of the soil. One boulder by itself looks good as an accent, but a cluster of boulders looks amazing and as with plants should be in odd numbers. I often use a Boulder cluster in design—a large, a medium and a small grouped relatively close together.