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Snow Management
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Winters can have a tremendous impact on Canadian businesses. Severe winter weather can negatively affect operations or sales, impact workplace absenteeism and increase your exposure to liability claims to slip-and-fall and on property vehicular accidents.

For many in the construction industry, providing snow and ice management services is a necessary evil--a way to keep the business running and keep key staff members employed until the construction season returns. At WCI snow and ice management is a core part of our business; we understand it, we prepare for it and we embrace it as a key division within our organization.

We are members of SIMA--the Snow and Ice Management Association--and continually update our services to reflect industry best practices. We are also part of the Smart about Salt initiative--a program designed to promote the effective use of salt to increase safety and minimize damage to cars, buildings, plants, wildlife and our waterways.

We are at the forefront of the winter weather management business. We have GPS tracking on all our vehicles. We use the best, newest and most reliable and effecient equipment for the job. We have the expertise and the strategic partnerships necessary to service any site--large or small. 

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